Orthognathic Surgery

Our highly practiced team are expert at all aspects of orthognathic surgery. At the initial consultation we will discuss the best way of treating your problem and outline the appropriate procedures required. We will also liaise with your orthodontist regarding your treatment. The following information has been provided to assist you to understand what’s involved.

What is orthognathic surgery?

Orthognathic surgery, also known as surgical orthodontics, is the surgical management of patients with an incorrect bite due to a dental and jaw discrepancy.

Why do I need orthognathic surgery?

It is important to correct misaligned jaws and/or teeth. Without correction, an incorrect bite can result in the inability to chew food correctly, which can negatively impact the digestive system and general health. Other concerns may include:  overcrowding of teeth negating the ability to maintain oral hygiene, excessive wear of certain teeth as well as sleep apnea and speech function.

What does treatment involve?

Treatment usually involves orthodontics to correct tooth discrepancies before proceeding to surgery, so that an optimal functional and aesthetic result can be obtained. Following surgery, orthodontics continues for several months to fine-tune tooth position. Total treatment time is often in excess of 18 months to two years.

Will it be painful?

Surgical procedures are performed under anaesthesia so should not be painful but painkillers and antibiotics will be prescribed for use during recovery.